on our power flushing services.

Power flushing advantages

Click here More Efficient System
Click here Quicker Heat Up
Click here Quieter System
Click here Save up to 25% on bills
Click here Rust & Lime Scale Protection
Click here Better Circulation

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How much will a power flush cost?


A small price to pay when it could save you thousands in the long run on bills & repair costs! Please Click for a FREE power flush quotation.

We offer our power flushing services to residents of the Tamworth region.  With the region being exposed to hard water,  a large build up of scale will occur in your heating system, which will in turn reduce the overall performance of your heating system. Power flushing your system will remove this build up of scale,  as well as removing dirt and sludge which has also built up. This will greatly improve the performance of your heating system, restoring it to its former self.

To identify whether you feel your system needs a power flush, ask the following questions to yourself:

Is my heating system slow to warm up?

Unfamiliar boiler noises?

Are my Radiators unevenly heated?

Radiators in need of frequent bleeding?

Repeated pump failure?

Pin hole radiator leaks?

New boiler installation?

Also, don’t be fooled by thinking that your system does not need a power flush simply because you have just had a new boiler installed. It is highly recommended that your old radiators and pipe work will require a power flush in order to gain maximum benefit out of your new boiler system.

If you feel that your system suffers from any of the above problems, or that your overall heating performance is generally poor, call 07939805355 for a free quote or use the simple and easy to use, free quotation form located on the left hand side of the page, and we will get back to you with a price as quickly as possible.