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Power flushing advantages

Click here More Efficient System
Click here Quicker Heat Up
Click here Quieter System
Click here Save up to 25% on bills
Click here Rust & Lime Scale Protection
Click here Better Circulation

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How much will a power flush cost?


A small price to pay when it could save you thousands in the long run on bills & repair costs! Please Click for a FREE power flush quotation.

Power flushing works by connecting a pump usually across the tails of a radiator or across the standard circulator pump couplings. Once the pump is connected water is then pumped through the central heating system at high velocity loosening debris, sludge, lime scale and corrosion deposits. This process is continued in reverse direction to help loosen further.

The system is then flushed through with clean water and the unwanted debris purged from the system. At the end of the process your central heating system only contains the clean fresh water improving the overall efficiency of your central heating system saving you money in the long run on bills and potentially costly repairs. Turn your old central heating system into something more ECO friendly and save £££’s on your bills!

We use only the best practices in a controlled environment and the best equipment available to us on the market! You will not be disappointed with our services.

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Doe’s your system need a power flush?

  • Heating system slow to warm up?
  • Unfamiliar boiler noises?
  • Radiators unevenly heated?
  • Radiators in need of frequent bleeding?
  • Repeated pump failure?
  • Pin hole radiator leeks?

I’ve just had a new boiler installed? Do I need a power flush?

The basic answer is yes. It is highly recommended that your old radiators and pipe work will require a power flush in order to gain maximum benefit out of your new boiler system.

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